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2Toms Sportshield Sachet - Single Towelette

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2Toms Sportshield Sachet - Single Towelette

One travel size towelette with SportShield® liquid applied to it.


Skin Guard & Chafing Prevention For Your Entire Body


100% Guaranteed! SportShield® is removed from the skin with soap and water (leaving absolutely no residue), and is ideal for use on the inside of thighs, over nipples, on feet, underarms, and under bra or athletic supporter straps.


SportShield® performs with you under the most grueling conditions and will not rub off.  It even works under wetsuits!  SportShield® is a silicone-based anti-chafe product that is non-staining, non-toxic, non-greasy and be used daily.  It contains no animal products.


How to Apply


Using SportShield® liquid roll-on or convenient towelettes, you apply a smooth, thin invisible coating to the skin. It can be applied any part of the body where skin is subjected to chafing by clothing and equipment pressure points.


Some common chafe prone areas include:


Between the arms and sides of the body

Between upper thighs

Groin area

Over nipples

Around back of heels

Tops of toes


Dimethicone, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E

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