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Special Offers

Special OffersGrab a bargain with our Special Offers - Save up to 40% 

Original Spibelt Range

Original Spibelt RangeThere's a Spibelt waist pack for everyone including versions for running, travel and diabetic for insulin pumps.
Spibelt Running belts have energy gel loops and the Performance Running belt has a water-resistant pocket.

Kids Spibelts

Kids SpibeltsDoes your child wear an insulin pump? As a parent, we want you to feel confident that your child has a dependable and discreet way to get physically active while wearing an insulin pump or other similar sized medical devices.  The Kids Spibelt is also a great way of letting them carry their essentials when out or on holiday.  

Spibelt with Large 8.9" Pocket

Spibelt with Large 8.9" PocketLarge Pocket SPIbelt™ comes with an 8.9" pocket - large enough to hold bulkier medical supplies, larger items, passport or just more stuff! Great for large smartphones such as the iPhone 7 & 6 Plus. Available in black with coloured zips and limited edition prints such as Havana design shown here.

Spiband Wrist Pocket

Spiband Wrist PocketNo zippers, snaps, or clasps, the SPIBAND WristAnkle Pocket features a dual-fold design made of a soft yet durable materialsto provide the ideal accessory for exercise, travel, or general everyday use.     

Endurance Series Running Belt

Endurance Series Running BeltThe SPIbelt™ Endurance Running belt features a larger neoprene pocket to carry all your running race day essentials. This belt comes with energy gel loops, race bib toggles and reflective piping for increased visibility.

Diabetic Insulin Pump Belt

Diabetic Insulin Pump Belt

Diabetic Spibelt is the perfect companion for individuals with special medical needs as it has a rear facing pass through hole 
for Insulin Pumps.

SPI H2O Venture Series Hydration Belt

SPI H2O Venture Series Hydration Belt The SPI H2O™ Venture hydration belt is bounce-free, easy to use, and eliminates cumbersome bottle holders. It comes with two, bottles that can be placed anywhere on the elastic maximizing comfort and can be used as a normal running belt without bottles.

Spibelt Performance - Water Resistant

Spibelt Performance - Water ResistantThe New Spibelt Performance belt has a large water resistant* pocket that has a water repellent coating built in to the pocket to protect your items from light rain and sweat.
(*not waterproof)  The pocket will expand to fit large smartphones including the iPhone 7/6 and 7/6 Plus, keys, energy gels, wallet etc and also comes with 4 x Gel loops.

Spibelt with Window for phone

Spibelt with Window for phoneNew Spibelt Running Belt with Touch Screen Compatible Window for easily using your phone, also includes a second compartment and headphone cable port

New Spibelt Glide

New Spibelt GlideWhat do you get when you add a pocket and subtract a buckle?
The New Glide By SPIbelt. Unlike any other SPIbelt.
The Glide gives you the freedom to wear it your way. No buckle means 360-degree comfort, while an extra pocket doubles the possibilities of what you can stash inside.

Spibelt Flex - designed for the gym-goer

Spibelt Flex - designed for the gym-goerSpibelt Flex: The most innovative and advanced Spibelt yet! Comes with head phone port and front buckle. 

LUXE Designer Collection

LUXE Designer CollectionThe Luxe is the stylish accessory from the makers of SPIbelt® . From crunch to brunch, the Luxe lets you transition from daily wear to the gym and back again with the most unique and fashion forward hands free accessory.

Messenger Bag - SAVE 30%

Messenger Bag - SAVE 30%
The Spibelt Messenger Bag will expand to easily hold a water bottle, towel, snacks and most tablet computers such as the ipad.

Spibelt and Running Accessories

Spibelt and Running AccessoriesAdd H2O drinks bottle, Safety Lights, Race number toggles to your Spibelt or a Loksak waterproof inner bag. The Spibelt on it's own has many uses, but add the accessories for even more usability. We now also have the solo pocket - that attaches to any standard belt. Plus innovative products from 2Toms Anti-chafe, Zeropoint Compression wear, and Safety Skin Reflective Spread.

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