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Original Spibelt Range

The Spibelt waist pack is 
available in different versions from the Original Spibelt to special versions such as the Energy, Water Resistant, Diabetic, Large Pocket and Dual pocket. Spibelts are adjustable and come in adult one size fits all size and kids spibelts fit waist sizes from 18" - 26"

Original Spibelt

Original Spibelt
Original basic Spibelt (small personal items belt) with expanding pocket. Available in a wide range of colours and prints.
Ideal for so many uses including Running Belt, Travel Waist pack, discreet money belt, stylish fashion accessory...

Running Belts with Gel Loops

Running Belts with Gel Loops
The Spibelt Energy Running Belt version has 6 energy gel loops added to the waistband, They fit most popular gels and give you more space in the main pocket - ideal for running half and full marathons and long training runs. The expandable pocket fits phones such as the iPhone 6/7/8... 

Spileash Dog Lead

Spileash Dog LeadBy combining the Original SPIbelt™ with a dog leash, SPIleash™ makes walking the dog hands-free while maintaining control. With SPIleash's™ design, people can have personal items and doggie accessories snugly around their waist as well as have the dog's leash securely around the waist.
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