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Phiten Power Tape Discs - Pack of 70

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Phiten Power Tape Discs - Pack of 70

Titanium Tape Discs are the go-to product for active people around the globe. Each small adhesive disc contains carbonized titanium which can be used to target specific areas with pinpoint accuracy.

The discs are easy to apply and are an essential item in your gym bag or purse. Before, during, or after any activity the Titanium Tape Discs are there when you need it most. Used by athletes, trainers, and practitioners around the globe.


  • easy to apply
  • water resistant
  • permeable to sweat and breathable
  • for normal and sensitive skin

Technology and Material

  • carbonized Titanium (a product of the AQUA TITANIUM Technology)AQUA TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY
  • textile fabric


Recommendations for use

  • Apply only on clean dry skin.
  • If necessary, remove hairs.
  • The tape discs may simply be put on each spot of concern by yourself. No special technique required.
  • Depending on skin tolerability tapes can be worn over a period of several days. Due to hygiene reasons we recommend to take off the tapes after 2-3 days.

Size and package content

  • diameter: 22mm
  • 1 Box contains 70 Discs

Examples of use

tape map discs

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