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Spibelt H2O Venture Black with Blue Trim

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Spibelt H2O Venture Black with Blue Trim
  • Spibelt H2O Venture Black with Blue Trim
  • Spibelt H2O Venture Black with Blue Trim
  • Spibelt H2O Venture Black with Blue Trim

The SPI H2O™ Venture Series hydration belt is bounce-free, easy to use, and eliminates cumbersome bottle holders. 
The SPI H2O Venture Series is a unique product because the two, 8 ounce bottles that can be placed anywhere on the elastic allowing runners to maximize comfort. 
This running belt is built for durability and can keep up with your longest runs. Go for a hike, run a marathon, go mountain biking. 
The Venture Series will effortlessly keep your water and other essentials right where you need them! The belt pocket is big enough to hold the iPhone® 6S Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5® as well as keys, ID, and more.
Winner of Best of Active.com Running

Belt Features:

  • Bounce-free
  • WeatherGuard™ design keeps out the elements
  • 2 loops for energy gels
  • Reflective trim
  • Includes a pair of Race Bib Toggles
  • 2” elastic for increased comfort and stability
  • Fits waist 27″ – 48″

Water Bottle Features:

  • Bounce-free
  • Easily clips onto the SPI H2O™ Venture Series
  • Two 8oz. (240ml ea.) BPA-free bottles
  • Wide mouth fits ice cubes
  • Ergonomic shape contours to your body
  • Leak-free Jet Nozzle™
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack

Getting the best results from your Venture Belt and H2O Bottles

Before setting off on your first run with your new SPI Venture belt with H2O Bottles, we recommend fine tuning your Spibelt and take a quick test run to check that your belt and bottles are bounce-free and comfortable.
  1. Fill your bottles with water and secure the lid tightly over the belt clip.
  2. To prevent your H2O bottles from moving adjust your Spibelt so that it's a snug fit around the hips/lower waist using the two adjusters. It's easier to do this before attaching the bottle/bottles.
  3. Now wearing your belt attach the bottles to the belt where it feels most comfortable, this varies by individual but please check out the Spibelt video on our homepage to see some examples.
  4. Once you have adjusted your belt and attached your bottle/bottles, go for a short test run to fine tune the belt tension and bottle position.  If the bottles move or bounce, stop running and tighten the waistband until they feel snug and secure. Repeat the adjustments until you achieve the perfect fit and enjoy!

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Just love this belt with a larger width it’s more of s comfstanle fit for me
The pocket been water proof is an excellent feature especially now I’m doing longer runs.
John S.
Shopping Satisfaction
An excellent product, I love it
Only problem I have had with it is the water bottles seem to slide off sometimes when I go for a sprint but then that’s probably me not clipping them back on to the belt properly.
💕I generally love all Spibelt products 💕 and I recommend them to everyone 💕
Sam C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Absolutely love the H20 belt, have run with just the belt, the belt and a bottle and also the belt with both bottle. It doesn't move at all and the pouch on the belt is a lovely size, fits my phone lip balm tissues etc. also has gel slots. Highly recommended as already have done and plan on buying a funky SPIBELT next.
Charlotte R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic accessorie for running. Light and sturdy just big enough to put
Your smart phone in. Excellent drink bottles as well. Great product.
Garth W.
Shopping Satisfaction
An attractive and functional product. Just the ticket if, like me, you don't like carrying a hand-held water bottle. Pouch is big enough for anything else you would need - mobile phone, cash, protein bars, tissues, etc. And the elasticated loops for energy gel sachets are ideal.
Charles S.
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