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Spibelt Water Bottle 240ML For Venture Belt

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Spibelt Water Bottle 240ML For Venture Belt
Larger Size 240ml H2O bottle - Same as Venture Belt so you can add more bottles or use as spare.

The H2O bottles slide onto any Spibelt and can be easily removed and re-attached while running, add one or two bottles depending on your needs,

- Minimalist and bounce-free water bottle with clip
- 240ml BPA Free Bottle
- Works with any Spibelt
- Ergonomic shape designed to contours to your body
- Leak Free Jet Valve made of silicone
- Dishwasher safe
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
This is my second bottle. Currently have the smaller sized one. Great addition to have for my spibelt.

You cannot feel the belt or bottle at all when running. It's small but gets you by on a small or medium length run.
Sara H.
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Love the bottle. It fits any SPI belt (not just the venture series) and has been put straight to use during this hot weather. It has now become an essential for all of my runs. The SPI range are brilliant, I actually couldn’t go on my runs without them. The belt doesn’t bounce and neither does the bottle! Clips easily back on while running and only one hand needed to add and remove bottle from the belt!
Catherine B.
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Love it.
Prabina T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Perfect addition to my running kit. Had already purchased the spibelt and had seen the bottles. So many of the runners I follow on Instagram had both the belts and bottles and I was lucky to get a discount by buying 2 bottles and using a discount code from one of Instagram runners. I took one of the bottles out running midweek and I was not disappointed. It doesn’t joggle about, it doesn’t rub and it doesn’t let out too much water at a time. I love it.
Nat R.
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