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Spibelt Water Bottle 240ML For Venture Belt

£ 9.99(11.39 €)
Discount on quantity

Spibelt Water Bottle 240ML For Venture Belt
Larger Size 240ml H2O bottle - Same as Venture Belt so you can add more bottles or use as spare.

The H2O bottles slide onto any Spibelt and can be easily removed and re-attached while running, add one or two bottles depending on your needs,

- Minimalist and bounce-free water bottle with clip
- 240ml BPA Free Bottle
- Works with any Spibelt
- Ergonomic shape designed to contours to your body
- Leak Free Jet Valve made of silicone
- Dishwasher safe
Customer reviews
Love it.
Prabina T.
Perfect addition to my running kit. Had already purchased the spibelt and had seen the bottles. So many of the runners I follow on Instagram had both the belts and bottles and I was lucky to get a discount by buying 2 bottles and using a discount code from one of Instagram runners. I took one of the bottles out running midweek and I was not disappointed. It doesn’t joggle about, it doesn’t rub and it doesn’t let out too much water at a time. I love it.
Nat R.
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