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ZEROPOINT Compression Calf Sleeves Orange

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ZEROPOINT Compression Calf Sleeves Orange

Scientifically Optimized Compression for Effective and Comfortable Training, Sports and Recovery

Compression level: Medium (20-30mmHg)

ZeroPoint Performance Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to bring more power and comfort to your performance. The latest compression technology together with the special weave and seamless structure guarantee a unique feel, maximum comfort and power.

Calf Sleeves are easy to use and they have become number one favorites in many sports. Calf Sleeves are recommended in helping to prevent calf cramps and shin splints.

The graduated compression of the sleeve provides more oxygen and energy to your legs, the scientifically designed compression pressure is optimized for sports and other demanding uses. 


Measure around widest part of muscle. Note: this is most important for optimal compression.  

Compression Calf Size Table

Zeropoint Calf Sleeves Size Chart

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