The Luxe is the stylish and chic accessory from the makers of SPIbelt® and is available exclusively n the UK from spibelt.co.uk.
No-Bounce Fitness Belt with front buckle and pass through hole for headphones.
Running Belt
  Spibelt Endurance Series
The SPIbelt™ Endurance Series Running Belt features a larger neoprene pocket to carry all your race day essentials. It also comes with holsters for energy gels and adjustable race bib toggles. Additionally, the Endurance Series is completed with reflective trim for increased visibility.

Spibelt running belt with expandable pocket, lightweight waist pack, no bounce pouch fits most phones including iPhone 7 and 6s Plus - carry your stuff on the go!

What is a Spibelt? 

A Spibelt is a Sleek waist belt with an expandable pocket that keeps items secure and does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities.
There are various Spibelt designs including: Original with single pocket, Dual Pocket with one large and one small pocket, Water Resistant pocket with water resistant expandable pouch, Energy and Water Resistant Energy with energy gel loops, Large pocket version that fits iPhone 6/7 Plus and other large phones, diabetic and Kids versions.
The Spibelt pocket stretches to fit your items such as mobile phone - it will easily fit most phones including the iPhone 6 & 7, iPhone 6/7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy etc.
You can also fit even more stuff into the large Pocket belt and it will even take travel essentials and passport.
Spibelt Running Belt - Hot Pink

Spibelt Original

The original Spibelt with expandable pouch and adjustable waistband. Great for carrying smartphones, keys etc.
Also great for carrying medical items such as epi pens & insulin pumps.
Price £19.99
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Spibelt Running Belt-Black

Spibelt Performance Water Resistant Running Belt with 4 Energy Gel Loops

The SPIbelt™Performance with Water-Resistant Pocket features a special, water-resistant lining that is incorporated into the pocket's fabric.. The Large expandable pockets fits iPhone 7/6 and 7/6 Plus. Available in 7 colours.
Price £23.99
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Spibelt-Venture hydration belt

Spibelt H2O Venture Belt with Bottles

New Hydration belt from Spibelt - Large water resistant pocket, energy gel loops, race number toggles and two 8oz (230ml) bottles. No-Bounce, easy access, no bottle holders - so can be used as a standard running belt.
Fits large phones iPhone 7 and 6 Plus and room for keys more gels etc.. Available in black with Silver, blue. pink or yellow zips.
£33.30 Save 10%
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Spibelt Endurance Running Belt Black

Spibelt Endurance Belt

The SPIbelt™ Endurance Series features a larger neoprene pocket to carry all your race day essentials. With larger elastic (1.5"), this SPIbelt™ is more stable with heavier loads. It also comes with holsters for energy gels...
£ 27.99
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Spibelt Running Belt - Runner

The full Spibelt range is now available in the UK from this site, Spibelts are also available from specialist sports stores
Alton Sports, Run and BecomeRunners World and online at wiggle and Funky Pumpers
If you would like to discuss which Spibelt would be suited to your requirements please give us a call on 01268 491036
For Spibelt trade enquiries please call or email info@harris-active.co.uk
Spibelts are also available on our b2b website (trade account required)
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